Recycled, Organic Halloween Treats for the Cat

August 24th, 2012

I love cats, and adore everything about the autumn, including Halloween! So, naturally I have to share these awesome recycled Halloween-themed scratchers and spooky organic catnip toys from Imperial Cat.

I can picture my cat Choco lounging on this spooky fishbone Halloween Scratch ‘n Shape!

And what’s Halloween without a giant pumpkin, especially one made from 100 percent post-consumer recycled cardboard?

And don’t forget the Cat ‘n Around toys stuffed with organic catnip! All of these products are made in the U.S., and are available online or in stores.

How about a hedgehog filled with organic catnip?

February 27th, 2012

Real hedgehogs aren’t exactly good playmates for cats, but Imperial Cat has made a mighty hedgehog filled with certified organic catnip! My kitty Oscar, the great indoor adventurer, is happy.

Please watch the short video of Oscar playing with his Cat ‘n Around catnip toy from Imperial Cat. The toy also came with a cheerfully colored, curly-looking ball that’s not in the video, but you can see plenty of examples in the photos.

I was given one free Hedgehog toy with ball for review purposes. Read more about my disclosures.

Here’s what I like about the new Cat ‘n Around toy in addition to its tummy of certified organic catnip:

• It’s unusual. I’m not talking about just the fact that it’s a hedgehog instead of a mouse (though I don’t think the cats care), I like that it has appendages that dangle below the main body of the toy. Watch the video above to see how Oscar likes this feature too.

• It makes noise! Cats are motivated to hunt by sound, so silent toys are never winners in our kitty household.

• The really soft and uniquely fuzzy cat ball is handy for cats who like to play catch (don’t laugh!). Oscar  loves to catch things, though his chosen “ball” is typically a ponytail holder. He carries his toys in his mouth, deposits them in front of me, and stares with pitiful eyes or yowls until I play catch.

More thoughts…

The organic catnip used in the toy is grown in the US, but the toy itself is made in China.

Given that Imperial Cat manufactures their very practical, yet artistic recycled cardboard scratchers in the US, I was a bit surprised to see that the toy was made elsewhere.

The Imperial Cat website says they have the “largest selection of USA made toys,” so hopefully they’ll stick with that good habit and maybe also make some toys out of recycled materials when possible.

Overall, Oscar has given his hedgehog toy and ball a claw’s up, and he’s hoping that Imperial Cat comes out with more classy looking toys that he can carry around in his mouth!

Does your cat play with Imperial Cat toys?

Recycled Christmas Scratcher for Eco-Kitties Everywhere

December 3rd, 2011

You can give your precious paws a fun, recycled place to scratch this Christmas while also decorating for the holidays! Who needs a plain cardboard scratcher?

Imperial Cat offers 100 percent post-consumer recycled cardboard scratchers in many unique designs, including some festive ones to help you celebrate the holidays.

Scratch ‘n Shapes holiday patternsinclude snowflakes, Christmas treesand several red and green seasonal designs.

More Eco Features

Scratch ‘n Shapes are made in the U.S., and come with certified organic catnip! You can also recycle them when the time comes. My cat Choco (not pictured here) loves his Imperial Cat scratcher.

Reuse Cardboard Box for Kitty Toy, Light Tent and More

August 2nd, 2011

Most cat lovers already know that felines ignore about 90 percent of the toys made for them.

My cats like to play with shoelaces, ponytail holders and boxes.

In this case, all I had to do was remove the window cling from this pasta box, throw in one of Oscar’s beloved ponytail holders, and instant new (and free!) kitty toy. Continue reading »

Scratch ‘n Shapes Cardboard Scratcher Review

July 19th, 2011

Scratch ‘n Shapes aren’t your ordinary cardboard scratchers.

Imperial Cat has created a giant bunch of fun shapesfor kitty (and their owners). These modern and eco-friendly scratchers come in more than 80 interesting shapes like orca, turtle or whale.

I received a free scratcher for review from Imperial Cat. See my disclosures page for more info.

How are Scratch ‘n Shapes eco-friendly?

• They’re made with 100 percent recycled paper.

• They include organic catnip, yum.

• They’re printed with soy-based inks.

• They’re made in the United States.

• Plus, you can recycle them when you and kitty deem the time is right.

Choco (black and white kitty below) loves his Scratch ‘n Shapes Cheetah Chaise!

He was interested from the very beginning. My other cat Oscar seen sniffing the scratcher prefers carpet scratchers (sigh).

I’ve purchased other cardboard scratchers made of recycled paper, but Scratch ‘n Shapes is unique since it looks more like a piece of furniture. It doesn’t stick out so much.

Also, it seems to be more sturdy than some other cardboard scratchers we’ve tried. I haven’t noticed excessive cardboard scraps lying around.

Choco doesn’t need catnip on his scratcher to be attracted to it, but he enjoyed the organic catnip very much. In fact, he started eating it! As you can tell, Choco loved not only scratching his chaise and eating some catnip, but also just lounging around.

It’s great that these scratchers come with organic and apparently tasty catnip, but I found that the catnip didn’t stay on the scratcher.

Once I relocated the scratcher, I noticed a pile of catnip that had fallen through the bottom or somehow escaped through a mystery method. I suppose this is one disadvantage not being an ordinary scratcher encased in a cardboard box. If you go with these scratchers, I suggest applying only a very small amount of catnip at a time.

Closing thoughts…

Overall, these durable scratchers are great for kitties who like cardboard and their human companions who want something more decorative. The only disadvantage I could find is that some of the catnip may fall off the scratcher. Scratch ‘n Shapes scratchers have many earth-friendly advantages, and they’re made in the USA by a company that works to help shelter cats.

Celebrate Adopt-a-Cat Month with Recycled Scratchers

June 21st, 2011

Even if you can’t adopt a cat this month, you can make a difference in a shelter cat’s life. Imperial Cat offers Scratch ‘n Bits, an affordable line of recycled scratchers created just for shelter cats!

Scratch ‘n Bits are made in the United States from 100% post-consumer recycled materials, and may be recycled after they’ve been lovingly scratched to pieces.

Scratchers can help sheltered felines relieve stress and feel more at home. Also, once cats are adopted, the scratchers can go home with them, helping to ease the transition and discourage scratching of furniture, the leading cause of relinquishing household cats. Continue reading »

Cat scratcher!

September 1st, 2007


This lovely piece of cardboard was the cover to my cat’s new scratching pad. Yes, he had to have it. He vomited on his last one.

SmartyKat SuperScratcher caught my attention at Target because it’s made from recycled materials, comes with organic catnip and is recyclable and biodegradable. There you go. Plus, he just loves it. He sat on it for hours after I opened it.


Let Them Scratch a Giant Tiger

February 17th, 2013

Have a few couch tigers of your own?

Now they can scratch in style at the same time with this Imperial Cat Giant Tiger Scratch and Shape.




It’s certainly big and wild enough to entertain a couple of felines! Even if you only have one kitty, this giant tiger scratcher may be an object of love.

Made from 100 percent post consumer recycled material, Imperial Cat’s new tiger Scratch ‘n Shapes comes with a bag of certified organic catnip.

Does your cat like large, furniture-like cardboard scratchers?

Bringing Petunias Indoors

August 24th, 2011

My July post on reusing spice jars for flowers has been finding itself several readers, so I thought I’d update with another photo of a different spice jar.

I love the simple look of the spice jar labels from Penzeys Spices. It’s almost enough to make me forgive them for not carrying organic spices.

The Penzeys labels have an innocent, almost country feel to them. They fit well with the vintage fruit labels I have on the wall in my breakfast area and the wooden side table.

PS – Amazingly, my cats haven’t bothered the petunias I’ve brought inside. They must know that they’re non-toxic for cats, hence they’re boring!

New Kitty in the House

January 4th, 2010

First, I want to share some photos of my new kitten, Oscar!

Then, I’m going to suggest some green kitty products. I wasn’t expecting to bring Oscar home, but I couldn’t let the sweet little thing continue to live outdoors. I could tell he wanted an inside home, and he was extremely taken with me too.

In case you’re wondering, why Oscar? I think he looks a bit like an ocelot with those lines on his face. However, he makes a much better pet.


My favorite green cat litter is Feline Pine. I’ve been using the recycled pine litter for six years now with Choco. The tracking isn’t so bad if you use a litter box designed for Feline Pine.

My favorite canned kitty food (wait, it’s Choco’s fave) is Tiki Cat by Petropics. It’s dolphin-safe, but you should remember to recycle all those cans.

For dry food, I like Pet Promise, but I just discovered that the food is being discontinued! I suppose the search is on for a replacement. Choco will be disappointed his fave natural food is no more.

For a scratcher, I’ve been happy with the SmartyKat recycled cardboard scratching pad. It lasts a long time and can be recycled when the fun is over. They’re at Target.

What are some of your favorite green kitty items?