PetProjekt: BPA-free Dog Toys

June 26th, 2013

You wouldn’t give your human baby a toy with BPA, so why give your dog a toy with questionable materials? You know what babies and dogs do to toys, right? It’s right into the mouth!

Blue Bonbal Right

If you shop for dog stuff much, you’ve likely found that BPA-free isn’t really in the mainstream yet. That’s changing. When Petprojekt asked me if I’d like a couple of BPA-free dog toys (disclosure: yes, for free), I quickly said yes!

Not only are the toys from Petprojekt free of BPA, but they’re also free from phthalates, cadmium, DEHP and lead. In short, they’re non-toxic! Yes, they’re safe, but are they interesting?

I received the Chewbies orange squirrel toy and a cozmo (a ball with “legs”). Petprojekt also makes other toys, some of which are pictured here. For instance, get a load of that insane fox!


Chewbies toys have a retro feel to me, but it’s a neo-retro. I love that a soft, multi-colored tail comes attached to the rubbery, ultra-squeaky body of the squirrel.



I haven’t seen any other toys quite like these!

As for the cozmo, it rolls like an animal. By that, I mean I think the legs give it animal-like movements when rolling on floors. It’s a nice objet de toss! (Uh, pretty ball to toss.) My dog is out of her I-have-to-chew-on-everything phase, but I think that the legs on this cozmo would have to be nice for a dog cutting teeth.

Green Cozmo

I know that these are dog toys, but my cat Oscar really liked the squirrel. It’s big for him to pick up, but that didn’t stop him from pouncing on the tail!

As for my dog Stella, she enjoys chasing the orange squirrel, though I’m sure she doesn’t think it’s a real squirrel. She regards the orange squirrel and the cozmo as fun toys to chase when her favorite human throws them! And, she dearly loves the hefty squeak of the squirrel. Just today, she took the squirrel out of her basket of toys and bought it to me to play. She galloped proudly with it, making it squeak the whole time!




Petprojekt has a big selection of dog toys, as well as feeding tools and other accessories. I haven’t seen these toys in stores yet, but you can order them online, and check out what they’re up to on Facebook and Twitter.

Do you look for BPA-free dog toys when shopping?

Best Cat Beds aren’t Made for Cats

May 2nd, 2013

There are all manner of cat beds on the market, but my kitties typically turn their whiskers away from beds intended for cats.

A wicker box, however…



This is my green-eyed Oscar, or Oscar-lot as I sometimes refer to him.

Just what does this cat bed do for me?

It’s parked on my desk. Whenever I want to move along a cat behind that’s planted in front of my screen, I simply spray some catnip on the cloth that I keep in the bed. That works well for Choco, who loves catnip and adores sitting in front of my computer.

The problem is that I only have one of these, and Oscar throws Choco out of it. In fact, Choco was resting happily in the box when I started this post, and now he’s planted himself in front of my screen while Oscar sleeps in the box.

The box was given to me with gifts inside, and I have no idea where it was purchased. I need to acquire another one like it though!

Where does your cat sleep? Have you repurposed anything to be used as a cat bed?

Let Them Scratch a Giant Tiger

February 17th, 2013

Have a few couch tigers of your own?

Now they can scratch in style at the same time with this Imperial Cat Giant Tiger Scratch and Shape.




It’s certainly big and wild enough to entertain a couple of felines! Even if you only have one kitty, this giant tiger scratcher may be an object of love.

Made from 100 percent post consumer recycled material, Imperial Cat’s new tiger Scratch ‘n Shapes comes with a bag of certified organic catnip.

Does your cat like large, furniture-like cardboard scratchers?

Give Litter this Christmas

December 10th, 2012

World’s Best Cat Litter will donate one pound of cat litter for each vote you cast at the Give Litter page.

Start your free litter giving now by clicking the badge below!

World's Best Cat Litter - GiveLitter

You can vote each day.

Just chose which shelter you’d like to receive the litter.

If enough votes are counted, both shelters (SPCA of Wake County in North Carolina and Greater Birmingham Humane Society in Alabama) will receive 15,000 pounds of free cat litter!

In case you don’t know, my two cats, Oscar and Choco, both enjoy using World’s Best Cat Litter. They’ve been scratching around in it for years now.

Merry voting.

Full disclaimer: World’s Best Cat Litter is conducting a blogging contest. The blogger who draws the most traffic to the Give Litter page will receive six coupons for free litter.

Give a Plush that Helps

November 3rd, 2012

If your little ones (or perpetual little ones) want a stuffed animal under the Christmas tree this year, then you have some good choices.

CharlieDog & Friends have some very adorable stuffed dogs based on actual rescue dogs! Five bucks from each purchase goes to the specified local rescue group or shelter.

Take a look at Charlie, the mutt that inspired CharlieDog & Friends. He’s pictured with Clyde, the kitty!

Both of these plush animals are based on real pets that were lucky enough to be rescued.

If you give a plush toy from CharlieDog & Friends, you’ll help even more animals! There are several more dogs (but just the one cat) to choose from, so go shopping for the animal lovers on your list.

Are you too old for stuffed dogs? Then buy yourself a collar bracelet instead, and $3 will go to rescue groups.

Black Cat Halloween Myth

September 21st, 2012

I saw some beautiful black cats up for adoption at my local Petsmart today. Confession: I sometimes go in there just to see the cats!

Anyhow, I thought to myself, “Ah, they are promoting black cats now since they don’t adopt them out in October.”

After all, more than one rescue group has told me that they don’t allow you to adopt black cats in October, or even September, because they may be used in satanic rituals or sacrifices. Ugh, I thought Halloween was supposed to be fun!

As it happens, the whole thing about banning black cat adoptions in October is a pile of mushy cat vomit. And I feel silly for believing the myth of black cats being sacrificed in October.

If you’re not allowed to adopt a fine black kitty cat in October, point your rescue group or shelter to this article on the Best Friends Animal Society website: Myth Buster: Adopting Black Cats at Halloween.

Many black cats lose their lives because no one wants them. And that’s what’s so scary.

Do you think it’s dangerous to allow black cat adoptions around Halloween?

Dive into Spring Naturals Pet Food

August 31st, 2012

Spring Naturals is an exciting new line of pet food that looks pretty enough for people to munch, yum. Just kidding, but I do love the beautiful packaging design. Spring Naturals has been around for less than a year, and has already won awards, like the Pet Product News International Editors’ Choice award.

Stella, my puppy, had an opportunity to try some of their dry food recently, and she was very pleased. Though, I do have to admit Stella gobbles up everything she can. She’s a growing puppy, after all.

What do I like best about Spring Naturals? I admire that they’re coming out with organic varieties soon! It’s always nice when pets have the organic option.

Right now, you can find Spring Naturals canine food in stores and online, plus a feline line will be introduced soon. It seems like a lot is happening with this wholesome company!

Here are some things to note about Spring Naturals pet food:

  • Sourced and made by a family-owned company in the USA
  • Features real meat, poultry or fish as the first ingredient, followed by whole veggies, whole fruits and whole grains
  • Contains chickpeas, green peas and egg for high-quality proteins
  • No high-glycemic ingredients like corn or soy
  • Grain free and whole grain varieties also available.

Find out where you can get Spring Naturals pet food in stores. If there’s no retailer near you, order online at PSCPets or PetFoodDirect.

(Disclosure: I received a free sample bag of Spring Naturals dog food.)

Recycled, Organic Halloween Treats for the Cat

August 24th, 2012

I love cats, and adore everything about the autumn, including Halloween! So, naturally I have to share these awesome recycled Halloween-themed scratchers and spooky organic catnip toys from Imperial Cat.

I can picture my cat Choco lounging on this spooky fishbone Halloween Scratch ‘n Shape!

And what’s Halloween without a giant pumpkin, especially one made from 100 percent post-consumer recycled cardboard?

And don’t forget the Cat ‘n Around toys stuffed with organic catnip! All of these products are made in the U.S., and are available online or in stores.

It’s Almost National Dog Day!

August 23rd, 2012

Since I’m a new dog owner, I suppose this is probably my first time celebrating National Dog Day, held on August 26. It’s not that I didn’t appreciate dogs before, but now I have a whole new, furry understanding.

To help you appreciate your dog even more during this busy back-to-school season, please read these tips below courtesy of The Company of Animals, founded by pet psychologist, Dr. Roger Mugford.

Help Our Furry Friends with Back-to-School Stress 

Heading back to the classroom can be a frantic, frazzling experience for kids, parents and pets alike, and the quality time we used to spend with our four-legged friends during the summer months is suddenly in short supply.

So it’s no wonder if even the most well-behaved pets aren’t at their angelic best during these especially stressful days.

Here are a few suggestions from one of the world’s leading providers of training and mental exercise products to make the back-to-school transition period less trying.

• A week or so before the kids return to school, start getting your pets used to their absence. Take a few trial runs by leaving them early in the morning for about an hour. Line up the lunchboxes on the kitchen counter so that your dog or cat starts to see this as part of your morning routine.

• Consider crating your dog during the day. The sense of security a crate provides can be comforting to many dogs. Just be sure to leave them with fresh water, food or treats, a snugly blanket and some favorite toys to keep them occupied until you or the kids get home.

• Quickly establish a new daily routine. Dogs and cats are creatures of habit and feel anxious when there are major disruptions in their life. While you’re scheduling carpools and after-school activities, you should also schedule regular times for your dog’s feedings, walks, play dates and together time.

• Leave them playthings like pet puzzle that keep their minds actively engaged. Continue reading »

Stella’s Bionic Ball

July 19th, 2012

Stella, my new puppy (can you believe it), recently received a free Bionic ball from Bionic Pet Products to review.

My puppy is four months old and is cutting adult teeth. If she nips, well it hurts! So, I’m trying to keep her overloaded with plenty of chew toys.

Since this is the first post featuring Stella, I’ll tell you she came from a rescue group who described her as a Schnauzer mix, but my vet thinks she’s a German wirehaired pointer mix. You’ll see much more of her, I’m sure!

Take a look at Stella with her Bionic ball.

In case you’re wondering, yes, she did get it from under the shelf!

Some features of the Bionic ball:

  • Durable, and nearly puncture proof
  • Almost indestructible (fewer than 5 percent of dogs kill these toys, says Bionic Pet Products)
  • Tested in rescue shelters and doggy daycares
  • Made from non-toxic, FDA food-grade materials ( #7 recycling )
  • Dishwasher safe (but that’s a little gross, I think)
  • Floatable
  • Ridged for a “chewy” feel
  • Brightly colored so it’s not easily lost
  • Designed to mimic the size of a tennis ball


Additional thoughts…

Strength: The green advantage of the Bionic ball is that it may not need to be replaced as often as traditional balls for dogs. It does seem rather indestructible. I’m guessing your dog might destroy a dozen tennis balls before killing the Bionic ball, but I can’t refund your money if I’m wrong! ; )

Pool Time: The Bionic ball floats for fun water play, so if you’re looking for a pool ball for your dog, maybe this is it.

Short Bounce: It doesn’t appear to have a wonderful bounce against hard surfaces like a patio or ceramic floor. The ball bounces some against the spine, but doesn’t do much against the openings, which are designed for treat stuffing.

Open Center: The open center is rather large and not very practical for treat stuffing. I’m puzzled that the manufacturer suggests stuffing this ball with treats, but I suppose you could smear peanut butter inside the ball.

Scented: The packaging says the ball is vanilla scented, but I could only detect a very faint scent. Perhaps it smells much more vanilla-like to a dog!

What else from Bionic Pet Products

This company, inspired by a Lab named Duke who destroyed his toys with ease, also makes a Bionic bone, Bionic Toss-N-Tug and a Bionic Stuffer.

Have you tried Bionic pet toys?