A big YAY for Whole Foods Market

January 24th, 2008


Those of you who read Light Green Stairs regularly know how much I dislike plastic bags, particularly those given out so freely at grocery stores.

Why? Besides the waste of energy and the potential for pollution and destruction of wildlife, they just feel slimy in my hands. Also, I used to always hurry upstairs to my apartment before one of those disposable monsters broke. (The photo above shows a plastic bag floating in the apartment lake — home to many ducks, geese, turtles and sometimes a blue heron.)

Since I switched to my reusable bags last year, I certainly haven’t looked back. And I’ve also inspired a few people in the grocery line behind me to think about getting some reusable bags.

However, I do get the feeling that not enough people are using these bags. Why? A few weeks ago, not one cashier at my grocery store could remember the code to give a discount for bringing reusable bags, not even the manager. I guess they don’t use it often.

That’s why I really admire Whole Foods Market for what they are about to do. They are going to ONLY offer recycled paper bags or reusable bags in their stores. If you shop at Whole Foods, gone are the days of petro-made, slimy plastic bags that taunt you on your walk from the car.

I don’t have a Whole Foods near my apartment, but I’m still so happy for all the people who will discover the wonders of shopping with reusable bags.

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