Bamboo Feed + Toss Cat Bowl: How lazy can you be?

January 29th, 2008


Most of the products I mention here I do so to praise. However, I was disgusted by these Bamboo Feed + Toss Cat Bowls. (Also available in even larger dog bowls.) I saw them at Petco, and perhaps I should stop going there. Actually, my usual pet store was out of my cat’s food, hence the Petco visit. (Photo is from Petco’s website.)

Why do I pour my wrath upon this item?

*It’s so greedy! They make these fashionable little bowls without a bottom, so you have to buy the liners to continue feeding your pet with this dish.

*It’s beyond lazy. Come on! This is de-greening your pet. It takes less than one minute to wash a food bowl. If you are feeding wet food, then soak the bowl first. No problem.

*And, well, it creates waste. I’ll admit that I didn’t look to see how recyclable these liners are, but I’m thinking that consumers who would buy them probably don’t recycle. Is that a fair assumption? Maybe not . . . (To be a little less witchy, I checked Bamboo’s website, and it simply says that the liners are “recyclable.” However, not all plastics are accepted at some recycling centers, and it’s much better to reduce than to recycle.)

To close, I’m certainly not Queen Green, but I do choose to avoid convenience items like this. They make us lazy at the expense of the environment.

You can silently object to items like this by not buying them, or you can e-mail Petco to tell them how disgusted you are. Obviously, Petco isn’t the only store that sells this item, but they are the only one I’ve personally caught in the act. A simple online search will reveal that these brightly colored symbols of waste are everywhere.

2 Responses to “Bamboo Feed + Toss Cat Bowl: How lazy can you be?”

  1. virginialeewrites on February 6, 2008 10:54 pm

    I absolutely agree with you about these, hon. What’s idiotic is that from the photos it’s obvious that even though the bottom is disposable, the sides aren’t, so you have to wash the dang things anyhow! Trendy is so unnecessary in pet food bowls.


  2. Peggy on February 6, 2008 11:26 pm


    It’s so nice to hear from you!

    Yes, you would still have to wash the sides!

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