Got a call back

July 25th, 2007

Since it had been two weeks since I sent my e-mail to the area manager about getting recycling bins added to our apartments, I decided I needed to do something. Last night I forwarded that message from two weeks ago back to the area manager and said I wanted to know if someone had received it.

To my surprise the property manager called me this morning and apologized for not responding sooner. The area manager had forwarded her my message. She said she was checking into it and wanted to be able to tell me something before calling back. This lady was not the same person I talked with before sending the e-mail. Apparently that was the community manager.

The property manager seems very sincere and she said she loves great ideas. She considers this a great idea and hopes it will work out. She also said she’d let me know what she finds out, but cautioned it may take some time to work out all the details, such as where the bins would be placed and who would collect from them. At least I got their attention and they are thinking about it. And I got to take a break from my day to share this good news.

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