Recycle Candy

July 17th, 2007

I call the number for recycling on the City’s website. The person who answers the phone is a little surprised by my question and she refers me to someone else. My question: Why doesn’t the City provide recycling bins for apartment complexes? I talk to a really nice lady named Joy. After some research she tells me that my apartment complex is not serviced by the City. (Glad I didn’t write that letter to the editor!) Most apartment complexes work with private companies. Ha, it wasn’t a stupid question! And my apartment manager is misinformed. Joy gives me the location for recycling drop-off which is only a couple of miles away.

I’m trying to visualize myself driving trash a couple of miles. Maybe I need a new word for it. Recycle Candy? (Nice connotation.) About-to-be-Reincarnated-Junk? (Too long.) So, the downside to taking my Recycle Candy down the road is that most of my neighbors probably won’t do the same. There’s nothing like an in-your-face reminder: a recycle bin you pass each time you take your trash out.

Hmm, the road block here is probably that my complex is so full of apartments that they don’t have any extra space for bins. They may also think bins are unsightly. Now I must ponder writing an e-mail to the people who own my apartments (a rather large company headquartered in my city). Trying to convince them to add bins to my complex may not work, but at least they might keep it in mind the next time they build sprawling apartments with too-expensive detached garages (there’s your space for recycle bins).

The name Recycle Candy is getting me excited. It works. I love Candy!

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