Recycling containers

July 23rd, 2007

choco checking out my recycling container
I have recycling containers for my Recycle Candy. Let the fun begin. Actually, I have found it exciting to check out all my favorite products that come in plastic containers to see if they have the 1 or 2 number accepted at my recycling drop-off. So far I’ve found that many of them do, including my lotion, facial cleanser, mouthwash and even a dish for a microwave meal.

I’ve got a nifty little collection of about 7 or 8 things in my container for plastics, glass, aluminum and steel. It’s great that these items can be lumped together at the recycling drop-off. I have a separate container for recycling junk mail, newspapers and catalogs. Since plastic bags mess up the recycling center equipment, I’m transporting my plastics, glass, aluminum and steel in a Rubbermaid that I keep all these items in until I take them in. For the paper items, I chose a sturdy white trash can with handles. I placed it under my desk, and I’ll also use it to transport.

Although there are many useful websites with recycling info out there, I found the most helpful to be the site for my local recycling center. I printed out the information about what they accept (and whether they want it rinsed with labels/caps taken off) and I put this on my refrigerator for easy reference. It’s as easy as an Easy-Bake Oven.
paper container

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