Using the reusables

August 15th, 2007


I’ve now made two successful shopping trips with my reusable bags. Both times, my purchases easily fit into the three ECO bags I got from And carrying them on my shoulders was much easier than trying to balance seven different plastic bags in my hands.

You may be wondering what the cashiers said. Nothing. They didn’t say a word about it. They didn’t seem to mind. So, do it! They are so much nicer than plastic bags.

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  1. Virginia Lee on August 16, 2007 1:11 pm

    Those bags look great. I tend to do too much shopping at one time for just three as I consolidate my errands to save gas. I’ve gotten in the habit of taking back any paper bags and reusing them at the store several times, and I reuse any plastic bags at home for all sorts of things.

    I hope you find that the law about apartments keeping recycled bins has passed. I live in a repurposed textile mill that’s been made into apartments but the residents are 99% elderly, not well-educated and I can’t imagine having recycling work here very well. Your efforts are inspiring, though. I will begin looking into such now.

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