Delicious Way to Love the Earth

April 26th, 2010

Isn’t it lovely how strawberries have heart-shaped insides? I’ve eaten lots of strawberries lately since I’m sticking with fruit for snacks, but now that homegrown berries have arrived, I’m in love all over again. If you don’t like naked strawberries, you can always put them in a parfait. I can’t think of a better summertime snack than a homemade strawberry parfait. If you’ve never had one, you’re missing out.

The recipe is easy: Add about one half cup of organic granola to the bottom of a glass. Layer on some organic yogurt. Sprinkle a bit more granola on top of yogurt if you please. Then add some sliced local strawberries grown naturally. It’s every bit as good as ice cream, and it’s earth-friendly, not to mention body-friendly!

local-strawberriesIngredients for Organic Strawberry Parfait

Go to your farmer’s market for the freshest local strawberries grown naturally. It makes a big difference. You not only support some very hard-working people, but you also get the freshest berries possible. Believe me on that one. I grew up on a farm and sold berries to people myself in my younger days. Ask for naturally grown strawberries. Some farms can’t afford to register for certified organic production, but they still practice organic growing methods. At a farmer’s market, you have the perfect opportunity to question the very folks growing your food, so do it.

Buy some Stonyfield yogurt. If you choose plain yogurt, you can also use it instead of milk for some excellent homemade cornbread! Why Stonyfield? They practice sustainable dairy production and are known to be humane to animals as well. Plus, it’s organic, so you get to do without the toxins.

Make your own organic granola or choose your favorite organic brand.

If you get tired of strawberries (though I can’t imagine that), try another in-season berry or bananas.

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