Recycled and Totally Reusable Plates for Summer

June 7th, 2010

I wanted some fun, lightweight and very reusable plates for quick snacks this summer or anytime.

And I’ve been thoroughly pleased with my purchase: Preserve Everyday Tableware plates. Note, these are different from the On the Go plates which I haven’t tried. Everyday Tableware plates are meant to be reused forever. They aren’t designer disposables or cheapy plastic plates.

Cost: I paid $8 for my four-pack of 9.5-inch Everyday Tableware plates from by Recycline. I also ordered a Preserve cutting board and colanders that I’ll be reviewing here later. And I got a couple bonus trial bags of Annie’s Bunny Graham Friends with the order. I have to admit I’m now hooked on those little bunny-shaped grahams (thanks a lot), but that’s a topic for another post.

Eco Features: A big reason I picked these plates is that they’re BPA free. They’re also melamine free and made in the USA from 100% recycled materials. And if you ever stop reusing the plates, you can send them back to Preserve to be recycled again. For only about $2 per plate, it’s a good deal for the earth and you.

Other Fun Stuff: Besides all the eco-friendly aspects mentioned above, I also like the plates because of the fun color, but if apple green isn’t your thing, they come in midnight blue and pepper red as well. I also really adore the ergonomic handle on the side of these plates — handy! While Preserve’s On the Go plates are cheaper and meant to be used for parties, I can’t help thinking that the Everyday Tableware plates would be much better for parties. With that handle, you can walk around with the plates more easily.

Easy to use: Another big plus is that the Everyday Tableware plates are dishwasher safe. I’ve run mine through several times with no problems. And the textured bottom on these plates will help conceal knife marks to make the plates attractive longer. Plus, the 9.5-inch plates are the perfect size for a sandwich and fruit or other quick lunch goodies.  They’re also durable enough to handle more substantial items like lasagna. However, the one negative aspect I can think of is that these plates don’t appear to be microwave safe.

Accessories: Preserve also makes 16-ounce Everyday Tableware glasses and bowls, but I skipped those for now.

Recommended for: Anyone can enjoy these cute plates. You can take them out by the pool or on a picnic without worrying over them breaking. They’re also good for any casual meal at home, whether it’s in your kitchen or sitting out on the patio. And the plates are as kid-proof as you can get, not to meant lightweight. Use them to teach your younger kids how to wash dishes or set the table!

(plate image by me; deck chair image by sxc)

3 Responses to “Recycled and Totally Reusable Plates for Summer”

  1. Jennifer on June 9, 2010 12:10 am

    Good review – I was confused a bit ago by the 2-go vs. everyday. I think Preserve could do a little better setting those apart on their site. But I like the handle things and think these look awesome for kids. I didn’t trust any plastic around when Cedar was a baby – this was before BPA free plastic and recycled hit the market so he always had to use big old heavy adult plates (glass or clay) – which are nice because a baby won’t topple them over, but still kind of bulky for kid size food.

  2. Peggy on June 10, 2010 3:52 am

    @Jennifer, thanks. I agree the to go plates are a confusing option. I think basically they are disposable plates that you can use a few more times than typical disposable plates with the advantages of them being recycled and BPA free. Of course, though, I haven’t used them.

    Seems to make more sense to invest in the everyday plates instead, right? I’ve been loving these plates. They’re perfect for a fruit snack. One reason I got them too is that I’m putting off buying new dishes. I’ve been using the same ones for 12 years and I’m missing a couple plates now, so I sometimes need one before my dishwasher cycle is up.

    I’m thinking I might get some white square dishes, maybe… Not sure.

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