Tree Free Paper Towels from Ology

March 4th, 2013

Yay for tree free!

I try to minimize my usage of paper towels, and only buy recycled. This week, I wanted to opt out of tree-made towels altogether, so I tried my first treeless paper towels from ology by Walgreens.



And I love them. Not only are they softer than most recycled paper towels, but they are also very absorbent.

So, if they aren’t made of trees, then what’s inside?¬†Bamboo and sugarcane husk! The sugarcane husk would have been otherwise disposed of, and the bamboo is very renewable (ie, much easier to replace than a tree).

What a lovely idea. I must say, I didn’t have high hopes for these treeless paper towels, but I found them to be better than regular paper towels. Plus, the ology paper towels are whitened with a non-chlorine based bleach. However, they are made in China.

I paid less than $4 for a two-pack of these treeless paper towels at Walgreens.

Have you tried ology paper towels?

2 Responses to “Tree Free Paper Towels from Ology”

  1. Lisa B (Lisa Bernstein) on March 13, 2013 12:05 am

    Hey, this is a useful post for me! I was looking at these very towels the other night at Walgreen’s in Oakland, Calif. and wondering about them… thx.

  2. Peggy on March 13, 2013 12:12 am


    That’s great to hear! I also just bought a roll of the ology toilet paper that I’m going to review.

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