Best Cat Beds aren’t Made for Cats

May 2nd, 2013

There are all manner of cat beds on the market, but my kitties typically turn their whiskers away from beds intended for cats.

A wicker box, however…



This is my green-eyed Oscar, or Oscar-lot as I sometimes refer to him.

Just what does this cat bed do for me?

It’s parked on my desk. Whenever I want to move along a cat behind that’s planted in front of my screen, I simply spray some catnip on the cloth that I keep in the bed. That works well for Choco, who loves catnip and adores sitting in front of my computer.

The problem is that I only have one of these, and Oscar throws Choco out of it. In fact, Choco was resting happily in the box when I started this post, and now he’s planted himself in front of my screen while Oscar sleeps in the box.

The box was given to me with gifts inside, and I have no idea where it was purchased. I need to acquire another one like it though!

Where does your cat sleep? Have you repurposed anything to be used as a cat bed?

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