Black Cat Halloween Myth

September 21st, 2012

I saw some beautiful black cats up for adoption at my local Petsmart today. Confession: I sometimes go in there just to see the cats!

Anyhow, I thought to myself, “Ah, they are promoting black cats now since they don’t adopt them out in October.”

After all, more than one rescue group has told me that they don’t allow you to adopt black cats in October, or even September, because they may be used in satanic rituals or sacrifices. Ugh, I thought Halloween was supposed to be fun!

As it happens, the whole thing about banning black cat adoptions in October is a pile of mushy cat vomit. And I feel silly for believing the myth of black cats being sacrificed in October.

If you’re not allowed to adopt a fine black kitty cat in October, point your rescue group or shelter to this article on the Best Friends Animal Society website: Myth Buster: Adopting Black Cats at Halloween.

Many black cats lose their lives because no one wants them. And that’s what’s so scary.

Do you think it’s dangerous to allow black cat adoptions around Halloween?

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