Celebrate Adopt a Shelter Cat Month

June 1st, 2012

There’s a reason that 86.4 million cats have the pleasure of being companions to humans in the U.S.

The reason is awesome. That’s what a cat is.

Some people are surprised to learn that cats, not dogs, are the most popular pets in the U.S.

But, sadly, there are way too many personable felines sitting in cages in animal shelters. And that’s why the ASPCA is sponsoring Adopt a Shelter Cat Month in June.

I share a home with two rescued cats, and they’re loyal, sweet and fun beyond what I would have ever imagined. Here are all the reasons I think you should adopt a kitty, and yes, these photos are of my cats:

Cats have unique personalities. Oscar is ultra laid back, floppy and super loving, but Choco is a bit more proud and prefers admiring me from afar. Choco is more social – he walks up to the door to greet all visitors, but Oscar hides for five minutes before coming out.

Cats add character to your home. When I visit a house with a cat, I feel at home, especially if the cat is a greeter type. When I visit a petless home, I always feel like something is missing. Houses without cats just don’t have soul!

Cats add humor. They just can’t help being rather ridiculous. Watching Oscar trying to catch a lizard on a window ledge (on the other side of the glass) makes me laugh. Oscar also recently tried his hardest to fit himself into an empty strawberry quart. Only the hind quarters made it!

Cats have great hearing. Just a few days ago Oscar detected a spider walking on the wood floor by the sofa. He knew it was there before he saw it. Cats have spectacular hearing that helps them with hunting. I also know whenever someone is just outside  my door because the cats “tell” me.

Cats provide insect control. If a fly is so unfortunate as to come into my house, it lasts only five minutes. I’ve seen Choco ascend and snap up a fly between his paws, eating it before I could blink.

Cats are beautiful decoration! Choco looks striking with his black-and-white fur against my red recliner, and Oscar, with his brown spots, melts into my brown microfiber chaise.

Cats get into your routine, and hold you to it. They are creatures of habit, and mine will adjust themselves to my schedule, following me as I go about my day. And they love to watch me cook and clean. Oscar sleeps by my feet, and lets me know when I’ve slept too late by gently rubbing his nose on my face. Choco sleeps on a bench a few feet away from the bed, and he meows loudly if I’ve slept too late!

How to Help if You Can’t Adopt

Ok. I know despite these awesome reasons, not everyone can adopt a cat, but you can still help cats this month during Adopt a Shelter Cat month.

You can gift a case of 20 Adopt-a-Cat Scratchers to the shelter of your choice through Imperial Cat! Having a scratcher helps cats reduce their stress while in the shelter environment waiting for a home.

There are also other ways to help. Just call your local shelter and ask what they need. Many shelters take donations of cleaning supplies, litter and food, but be sure to ask what specifically they need. Also, consider whether you can share some of your time as a volunteer at your animal shelter.


How will you celebrate Adopt a Shelter Cat month?


2 Responses to “Celebrate Adopt a Shelter Cat Month”

  1. Tara Mae on June 7, 2012 3:35 pm

    I’m such a cat lover. I’m also absolutely in love with our new kitten. I’ve been pestering my husband to send me pictures of him everyday so I can see how much he’s growing. I rescued him when he was such a tiny thing!

  2. Peggy on June 7, 2012 4:02 pm

    I don’t think I’ve ever been away from my cats for more than a week! I hope you hold up 🙂 and they don’t hold grudges when you get back.

    Though I got Choco and Oscar years apart, they were both about 5 months old. I missed the extreme kitten stage, but I do enjoy watching kittens play in the adoption displays at pet stores. I sometimes get a toy off the rack and wave it around and we play through the glass!

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