Glass Vases and Kittens Don’t Mix

April 14th, 2010

The destruction was a bit what you’d expect if volcanoes were made of glass. I don’t know how Oscar the kitten knocked down my thick glass vase filled with about 50 small stones, but he did. Despite the carpeted landing, the vase is no more, a victim of the biggest kitty mess of the year. Hope you forgive me for not taking a photo. Stock will have to do. The ironic thing is that I can’t have flowers, real or artificial, because of my cats. Now, it appears I can’t even have breakable vases with stones inside.


If Oscar didn’t choose 3am for his vase-knock-down time then it wouldn’t have been so bad. No, I wasn’t asleep, but other people were. However, one small, small victory is that I learned wet paper towels can be useful for picking up small shards of glass on carpet. The glass is somehow attracted to the paper towels. And I’m not ashamed to say I googled whether it’s okay to vacuum up glass! You can use an upright vacuum on carpet, but it’s not recommended on hard floors as the glass could fly everywhere. And, duh, you need to pick up the bigger pieces first.

The hardest part about the cleanup wasn’t picking up all the stones. It wasn’t even vacuuming at 3am. The biggest challenge was wrangling my two cats away from the scene. Oh, yeah. Oscar was very scared from the horrid noise, but he quickly returned to the scene. And Choco, my older cat, was trotting toward it as well. Picking up two squirming cats, both a bit skittish with claws ready for a freak-out, and locking them away was indeed the worst part. However, I’m happy to say that no kitty claws were injured and my dining room is hopefully glass free.

I’m thankful the vase was broken while I was home. Now I’m looking around for other would-be disasters. Apparently I didn’t do so great a job of kitten proofing my home. And you know what?

There’s a glass vase full of seashells on my desk…

(image via sxc)

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