Petco Eco-Scratcher Cat Review in Action Pictures

July 8th, 2011

Oscar and Choco take on the new Petco Eco-Scratcher, but mostly Choco just watches.

Oscar: Yay, I needed another one of these. Smells like something I can gradually destroy.

Oscar: No, I’m not supposed to be playing with this on the counter, but I’m excited. The paper just came off!

Oscar: I wanna be a pole dancer, but I’m a boy and a cat, so guess not.

Choco: Well, I suppose you’re claiming it then.

Oscar: Scratch and bite at the same time, oh yeah.

Oscar: Crapola!

Oscar and Choco: Yep, this needs to go back to the store.

Me: So, even though the carpet on this scratcher is made from 100 percent post-consumer plastic bottles, the base needs to be improved for sturdiness.

We’ve had scratchers like this before that didn’t topple over constantly. I can’t spend $20 on something I have to pick up daily. I agree with Oscar and Choco on returning this.

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