PetProjekt: BPA-free Dog Toys

June 26th, 2013

You wouldn’t give your human baby a toy with BPA, so why give your dog a toy with questionable materials? You know what babies and dogs do to toys, right? It’s right into the mouth!

Blue Bonbal Right

If you shop for dog stuff much, you’ve likely found that BPA-free isn’t really in the mainstream yet. That’s changing. When Petprojekt asked me if I’d like a couple of BPA-free dog toys (disclosure: yes, for free), I quickly said yes!

Not only are the toys from Petprojekt free of BPA, but they’re also free from phthalates, cadmium, DEHP and lead. In short, they’re non-toxic! Yes, they’re safe, but are they interesting?

I received the Chewbies orange squirrel toy and a cozmo (a ball with “legs”). Petprojekt also makes other toys, some of which are pictured here. For instance, get a load of that insane fox!


Chewbies toys have a retro feel to me, but it’s a neo-retro. I love that a soft, multi-colored tail comes attached to the rubbery, ultra-squeaky body of the squirrel.



I haven’t seen any other toys quite like these!

As for the cozmo, it rolls like an animal. By that, I mean I think the legs give it animal-like movements when rolling on floors. It’s a nice objet de toss! (Uh, pretty ball to toss.) My dog is out of her I-have-to-chew-on-everything phase, but I think that the legs on this cozmo would have to be nice for a dog cutting teeth.

Green Cozmo

I know that these are dog toys, but my cat Oscar really liked the squirrel. It’s big for him to pick up, but that didn’t stop him from pouncing on the tail!

As for my dog Stella, she enjoys chasing the orange squirrel, though I’m sure she doesn’t think it’s a real squirrel. She regards the orange squirrel and the cozmo as fun toys to chase when her favorite human throws them! And, she dearly loves the hefty squeak of the squirrel. Just today, she took the squirrel out of her basket of toys and bought it to me to play. She galloped proudly with it, making it squeak the whole time!




Petprojekt has a big selection of dog toys, as well as feeding tools and other accessories. I haven’t seen these toys in stores yet, but you can order them online, and check out what they’re up to on Facebook and Twitter.

Do you look for BPA-free dog toys when shopping?

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