Your Dog Wants Real Meat Too.

August 19th, 2014

Stella, my 75-pound rescue dog that everyone says looks like a miniature Irish Wolfhound, barked at the FedEx guy who delivered her Bravo Crunchy Delights treats. Note: I received a free sample of Bravo treats.


But soon Stella caught on that the package was for her. Curious as always, my cat Choco had to approve of the treats first, leaving Stella to whimper patiently!


Choco licks and approves Stella's new dog treats.

We tried a couple of “leave it” commands, and Stella dutifully waited until I gave her the “get it” command.

Stella waiting for the command to eat her dog treat.

Then, she enjoyed the crunchy goodness!

Blur as she goes for the treat.

Bravo dog treats really do look like homemade dog cookies. 

Oven-baked goodness!

All you want to know about Bravo Crunchy Delights treats

  • Real meat or poultry is first ingredient
  • Also feature ingredients like quinoa, celery, squash and sweet potatoes
  • Made in USA by family-owned business
  • All natural with no artificial colors or flavors
  • Available in Beef, Chicken, Duck and Turkey
  • Sold in resealable 5-ounce stand-up pouches

So, has your dog tried these?

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