Review: ISO 70 from Laken

October 6th, 2009


I’ve been using an ISO 70 water bottle from Laken. It’s a modern-looking, but very functional water-bottle-BPA-freewater bottle made in Spain.

I received the bottle for free from Laken for review purposes.

Things I really like about the ISO 70:

  • It holds a large amount of water.
  • It’s insulated, keeping things cooler than my SIGG did.
  • Wide-mouth opening means bottle is easier to clean.
  • Bottle is 100% recyclable.
  • Like all Laken bottles, ISO 70 is certified BPA free.
  • It’s comfortable to carry around.

The only disadvantage I found is that the bottle may not fit in smaller drink carriers in some cars. It fits fine in my husband’s truck, but wobbles a little in my Civic drink holder. Overall, I’m impressed with the bottle. It seems to be very durable and well made.

Have you tried any Laken water bottles? Does the BPA-free certification make you feel more comfortable trusting Laken?