Doggie Dooley for composting dog poop

March 26th, 2008


I’m categorizing Doggie Dooley under “Green Products,” but I’ll let you decide.

Since my only pet Choco is a cat, I don’t have to contend with piles of dog poop in my yard. He’s nice and always goes in his litter box. I don’t have to poop hunt.

The Doggie Dooley from Gaiam is an underground steel bucket with a foot pedal for opening the lid. You put the hunted-down and scooped-up poop inside. A natural enzyme and bacteria formula that you add breaks the poop down into an odorless liquid that is supposed to be harmless to lawns. I guess that means it’s harmless to people too.

The product costs $76. A one-year enzyme replacement supply costs $18.

Gaiam lists the Doggie Dooley with their composting products. And they promote it as saving plastic bags. You just scoop the poop and place it in the Doggie Dooley.

What do you think? Would you use this product?

Photo from Gaiam.