Review: Just Released Eco-Preferred New Balance 70

August 11th, 2009

You’ll feel like you’re wearing something different when you try on a pair of shoes in the New Balance eco-preferred collection. They’re lightweight, comfortable and unique looking. Here’s an image of the shoe I tried courtesy of New Balance:

It’s called New Balance 70, and comes in Men’s as well (pictured below – it’s also offered in tan). The laces, webbing, rand, quarter, tongue and saddle all incorporate recycled polyester. To reduce the amount of rubber (and therefore petroleum) needed, risk husks filler is used in the outsole. New Balance 70 also incorporates water-based adhesives (instead of solvent-based). Packaging: There’s no tissue, and the box has been recycled.

Perhaps the unique look of the New Balance 70 comes in part from the way it’s put together. The shoes are made with minimal layers to reduce waste. The parts fit together more than the typical shoe because they’ve tried to use as much of the original cutting as possible, reducing scraps.

For women, the shoes also come in blue. The lime green color was slightly shocking when I first opened the package, but I started to like it as I wore them. My husband said he liked the shoes because “they’re simple.” Yeah, he dislikes all the loud, gel-inflicted offerings out these days. Continue reading »