Fun Green Valentine Gifts

January 21st, 2010

If you’re giving a gift of love, show some love for the earth too by making it eco-friendly in some way. I’ve seen some great finds out there by fellow bloggers.


Linette at Mother Earth’s Garden featured the coolest ever Garden Bon Bons. They’re a gardener’s truffle paradise.

Jennifer at Little Slices of Green recommended Recycled Silver Doodle Tags, personalized with your kid’s art. (So, it’s from last year, but still good!) At Growing a Green Family, she has plenty of ideas for Homemade Eco-friendly Valentines.


Now, forgive me, but I’m linking to two of my own posts, Seven Valentines for Baby and Organic Herbal Eye Pillow in Bear. I love, love the organic eye pillows that look like animals (rabbit, sheep, puppy and bear!). It’s like giving a grown-up stuffed animal.

From Inhabitots, check out the handmade Love Gnomes by SewnNatural. These cute felted creations are 100% wool and are the kind of Valentine that won’t get tossed into the recycling bin.

And, don’t forget if you’re sending flowers to go with Organic Bouquet to save the earth and workers from pesticides.

(Bon Bon image via Moulton. Bear pillow image via Organic Bug)