Get rid of unwanted catalogs with Catalog Choice

February 16th, 2008

So, maybe you want some catalogs. That’s OK, but I’ll guess that you get more than a few catalogs that you don’t want.

At Catalog Choice you can choose which catalogs you no longer want to receive. Then, Catalog Choice does all the work for you. They contact the companies. It may be quicker if you have your customer number, but it’s not required.

sunset.jpgSign up (it’s free), search for catalogs you don’t want, then ask to be removed. It’s that easy.

Back in September, I posted about using customer numbers to get off of mailing lists. I was able to get off of some mailing lists this way by contacting each company, but some companies (like Pottery Barn) make it more difficult. I don’t care if they print their catalogs on recycled paper. Receiving numerous 200-page catalogs with essentially the same merchandise is silly, annoying and wasteful.

You may also want to check out my post about giving out your phone number when making purchases in stores. As easy as it may be to get off of mailing lists, it’s better to avoid getting on them in the first place.