Review: Bagnesia Reusable Produce Bags

February 21st, 2010

The bag
Bagnesia reusable produce bags come in a set of four, all the same size (13″ x 16″). The machine washable nylon bags retail for $7.99 for the set at FYI: I received one set of bags at no charge for review.


The bags are multi-taskers: You can weigh, wash and store your veggies or fruits all in the same bag. They’re also affordable at around just $2 a bag. They stand up well to being machine washed and are large enough to hold several apples or other larger produce. Mesh fabric allows you to easily see what’s in the bag when you use them for storage, and it allows the cashier to see those annoying little sticker codes on your food. And, of course, these are much more eco-friendly than using a new plastic bag for each produce selection.

All of the bags in the set are the same size. The larger size is nice, but sometimes I just need a couple of lemons. I’d like to see a set with varying size bags. I’d also like to see an organic or recycled option. If you use the bag to store produce in the refrigerator, the long drawstring (when tightened) can be a nuisance if it gets caught on anything or hangs down between shelves.

To sum it up
If you’re looking for large, washable mesh bags for produce, Bagnesia is an affordable choice. However, I’d love to see them offer an organic or recycled version and smaller bags as well.

Also from Bagnesia
If you have trouble remembering your bags, you might like Bagnesia’s reusable bag reminder kit. I decided not to review the kit, but then I managed to forget my produce bags at least three times before I finally got them to the store with me!

(Image via Bagnesia)