The mighty sewing machine

October 12th, 2007

I’ve never had a desire or ability to sew, but I’m starting to feel a bit left out. If you can sew, your ability to reuse fabrics is limited only by your creativity.

I’m so bad when it comes to getting stains on my clothes. It’s usually food on shirts. It’s uncool to donate stained clothing to charity, but if you can sew you can magically remove the stain and turn the fabric into other things, like bags and scarves or dog toys.

Anyway, for you sewers out there, is a great site to visit. They encourage sewing parties to make reusable shopping bags out of old fabric. That sounds like fun! includes instructions on how to make morsbags as well as facts about the evils of plastic shopping bags. You can also send them photos of your creations.

I wonder, will this finally inspire me to sew?