Does your dog love alpaca dryer balls?

February 28th, 2013

My two wool dryer balls were feeling lonely, so they received some new friends: Alpaca dryer balls! These came from a local farmer’s market.

Overall, I haven’t loved the alpaca dryer balls compared to the wool dryer balls. The alpaca balls seem to unravel more quickly, and they leave alpaca fuzz on clothing. Maybe I’m doing something wrong, or maybe the lady who made them messed up, or perhaps the alpacas were just having a down day.


One thing I’ve noticed is that my dog not only loves alpaca dryer balls, but she has an elaborately crafty way of stealing them. In fact, it’s so crafty, I don’t really know how she’s doing it.


I know that cats are quiet, but how is it that my 60-pound dog is taking these balls out of the dryer without me noticing it?

Maybe balls are getting caught in clothing and falling to the floor without me noticing. I only leave the door open while I’m removing clothing, and I store the balls in the dryer. Sigh. It’s just one of those things. I open the dryer door, she comes running. I block her. I open the freezer door, she comes running (hoping to grab some ice). I block her. Yeah, working on her training.

So, how does it taste, doggie?

Anyhow, this photo depicts the aftermath. Poor deceased alpaca dryer ball. Usually, I take the stolen balls away in time. Oh, and my dog actually eats alpaca fuzz, hair, or whatever the correct name for it. She eats it. Weird dog.

Questions for you:

Does your dog steal dryer balls? Do you like wool or alpaca dryer balls better?

One Response to “Does your dog love alpaca dryer balls?”

  1. Stephanie on September 15, 2020 2:41 am

    Yes! My dog LOVES Alpaca hair!

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