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July 10th, 2007

Light Green Stairs was started in 2007 as a “growing green” blog, hence the name, Light Green Stairs, signifying taking it a step at a time. I’ve learned a lot since then, gradually making my lifestyle much more earth-friendly.

In addition to green home and living topics, this site is also where I share information and experiences related to pets and health.


You may have come across my blogs elsewhere too. I’ve written many  blog posts professionally, but this is my home base. I’m hoping you’ll make it a sort of home too!

Speaking of home, I hang with husband Michael, cats Choco and Oscar, plus puppy dog Stella! You’ll hear me mention these creatures (and husband) from time to time.

Please read about this blog’s privacy policy and how I handle reviews at my Privacy + Disclosures page.

I hate blogs where you can’t get in touch with the person writing, or where you can never figure out exactly who is speaking to you! I’m Peggy Rowland and you can email me at peggy DOT rowland AT gmail DOT com. If you’re a marketing pro, please read more at my contact page.

Scrapers and other unpleasant characters: While I may seem nice, I’ll get nasty if you take my content or personal images and post them elsewhere without my permission. Plus, instant karma will get you.

See you at my next post,

Peggy Rowland

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