Responsible kitty litter

September 25th, 2007

Do you like the scent of pine? No, I don’t mean Pine Sol!

Feline Pine cat litter is made from 100 percent pure pine, but no new trees are cut to make it. Formed from reclaimed sawdust from lumber yards, Feline Pine is biodegradable, flushable, organic and chemical free. And it doesn’t have any disgusting silica dust to choke you.

I’ve been using Feline Pine for more than three years. It does a great job with odors, but close to the time for a litter change, it gets a little messy. You might notice a bit of sawdust around the litter box. Feline Pine has made a special litter box to help with this, but my cat really likes his covered litter box.

The great thing about this litter is that you only have to change it about once every two weeks, depending on how many cats use it. The pellets turn into sawdust when they come in contact with urine. You just scoop the poop daily and give the box a shake to bring the unused pellets to the top. If you get their special litter box, the sawdust automatically falls to the bottom, but it’s not a covered box. My cat loves his Booda Dome.

Feline Pine also says you can put the used litter to work as mulch. Hmm, I wonder what the wandering neighborhood cats would think of that.

Of course, there are other eco-friendly cat litters out there. Yesterday’s News is made from recycled newspapers. It’s a clever concept, but I tried it once and could not stand the wet newspaper smell.

If you have a cat, have you tried any earth-friendly litters that I didn’t mention here?

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