Bins at apartments

August 12th, 2007


Unfortunately I wasn’t home when the post office tried to deliver my reusable shopping bags Saturday. Now I’m doomed to wait in the always over-long line at my local post office. But on to other things.

The property manager for my apartments called me back as she promised she would. She said that the City would not budge on its policy of not picking up recycling at apartment complexes. She looked into private companies, but those companies would require charging every single resident an additional monthly charge whether they participated in recycling or not. And it’s not feasible for the staff to haul away the recycling. With the 100-degree temps we’ve been having, I would not want to do it either.

She seemed very sincere in her efforts. She thought it was a great idea, but she’s not really sure she can do anything at this point. She said she would keep trying though.

I learned that Calif. has a bill up for vote that would require apartments to provide recycling bins. I’m trying to find out if that bill passed.

Now, what about this sleeping cat photo? My cat completely ignored the bed we got for him at the pet store. It was donated long ago. What he does love is a large shoebox. So, there’s an idea for reuse if you have a kitty. Choco loves the box even more if it has tissue paper in it.

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  1. Virginia Lee on August 16, 2007 12:56 pm

    Our kitties always preferred boxes over proper beds. One cat in particular liked to have her box covered in old wrapping paper so it was special.

    And yes, we were indulgent kitty keepers. But oh, the laughs and love were so worth the extra effort!

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