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September 13th, 2007

Over the last few years I’ve switched to online bill pay when possible.

It’s been possible with nearly all of my bills with the exception of my utility bill. This seems ironic. I’ll be honest. I could pay it online, but they charge around $2 to do so AND they still mail a paper bill. That’s right. They mail a paper bill even if you pay online.

If your utility company is as backward as mine, it’s time to complain. They may not hear one voice, but they’ll hear 1,000 or even fewer.

Let companies know you want them to offer online bill pay. It not only saves paper, but it saves you trips to the post office to buy stamps. (Yeah, I know you can order stamps online, but play along with me, please).

Online bill pay doesn’t really have anything to do with the macaques above. I think it’s just more interesting than a bill photo. Plus, they live here too. They can’t choose online bill pay, but you can.

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  1. nita on September 20, 2007 1:56 pm

    hi,thought I’d read some of your older posts this morning. My electric company does take online payments, which I use. But, my internet company does NOT. What?? He provides internet service but he can’t take an online payment? Actually, I think it’s because he’s a small business (I mean small) and doesn’t want to have to pay the credit card companies to be able to accept a credit card payment. I could probably pay with paypal, I haven’t checked but I don’t like paypal. What used to bug me was my old phone company (which is small, but not that small) didn’t take online payments, and they offered internet access too. Still, they sent paper bills and would only accept a paper check for payment. And, if someone paid late last month they sent 2 bills this month. One for the delinquent amount and one for the new balance due. Now, why not just consolidate those and make one billing with the delinquent amount listed and the amount for this month with a new balance?

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