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July 19th, 2007

As I begin my long wait to hear from the area manager about adding recycling bins to my apartments, I must begin to contemplate how I will separate my trash, excuse me, my Recycle Candy. I should probably start taking my Recycle Candy to the drop-off provided by the City until the wonderous day recycle bins are added at my complex.

There’s very little extra space in my one-bedroom apartment. I have a nice Simple Human trash can next to the pantry. (Except the foot pedal broke on the lid opener.) When it’s time to take out the trash, almost daily, I add the bathroom and other trash to this one and descend the stairs for my trash compactor trek.

First, what is the most important thing to recycle? Is it paper, cardboard, plastic, aluminum or something else? What are the different kinds of plastic? Does my recycling center even accept plastic? It seems complicated, but I’m off to the City’s website and other useful sites for some more details. I’m really feeling like a third-grader here. Are they even teaching this stuff in schools now? I hope so.

I can leave you with one simple tip: If, like me, you haven’t yet invested in reusable bags for grocery shopping, look for opportunities to leave your used bags for recycling at the very place you got them. Boxes for drop-off of used bags are often placed by the entrance doors of grocery stores. I just noticed one at my local store, probably after walking past it many times.
Grocery bag recycling container at grocery store

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