Reusable bags sold at the grocery store

September 28th, 2007


There’s my nosy cat sticking his head into my grocery bag. I had put off going to the store for a few days, so I bought more than usual.

I decided to try out the reusable bags that my local grocer started selling recently. They are made by earthwise bag company. I have three bags from that usually contain all my groceries, but I had too much this time.

The cashier was really pleased that I bought the bags because “they have a bottom.” I noticed that she bagged the groceries that went into the Schnucks bag herself and handed off my other reusable bags to the bagger.

The bottom she’s referring to is an insert that makes the bag sit up straight. I still believe that my other reusable bags would work with the plastic bag dispenser stand, but cashiers everywhere refuse to try this. They always bag off to the side of the normal spot.

While I commend Schnucks for making these bags available to customers, did they really have to put their name on them? I would feel a bit awkward taking them to Kroger or Target.

Also, this bag just doesn’t seem to be as sturdy or comfortable on the shoulder as the orangic cotton one I got from It’s made of non-woven polypropylene, which is supposed to be recyclable.

So, now I have a nice collection of five reusable bags, but next time I’m going to watch the bagger more closely.

I’m sure he meant well, but what’s the point of putting all my produce in plastic produce bags? What’s wrong with letting a lemon just be a lemon and sit unwrapped on top of my bag?

I didn’t put them in bags on purpose, but my bagger fixed that. I didn’t notice until I got home, but next time I’ll catch him!

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