Review: Just Released Eco-Preferred New Balance 70

August 11th, 2009

You’ll feel like you’re wearing something different when you try on a pair of shoes in the New Balance eco-preferred collection. They’re lightweight, comfortable and unique looking. Here’s an image of the shoe I tried courtesy of New Balance:

It’s called New Balance 70, and comes in Men’s as well (pictured below – it’s also offered in tan). The laces, webbing, rand, quarter, tongue and saddle all incorporate recycled polyester. To reduce the amount of rubber (and therefore petroleum) needed, risk husks filler is used in the outsole. New Balance 70 also incorporates water-based adhesives (instead of solvent-based). Packaging: There’s no tissue, and the box has been recycled.

Perhaps the unique look of the New Balance 70 comes in part from the way it’s put together. The shoes are made with minimal layers to reduce waste. The parts fit together more than the typical shoe because they’ve tried to use as much of the original cutting as possible, reducing scraps.

For women, the shoes also come in blue. The lime green color was slightly shocking when I first opened the package, but I started to like it as I wore them. My husband said he liked the shoes because “they’re simple.” Yeah, he dislikes all the loud, gel-inflicted offerings out these days.

In addition to the green factor, I like the shoes for a few other reasons as well. The shoes don’t feel heavy. I hate shoes with bulky tongues that you feel you need to adjust all the time. The curve of the heel is comfortable with a pull tab for easily removing your shoes. The design is nice, not your typical lacing pattern. The brown and green colors really complement each other, and the shoes feel sturdy overall with plenty of support.

If you plan on wearing these shoes in the colder months, try them on with appropriate socks to ensure a good fit. The mesh-like covering on the top feels and looks nice, but your feet might get chilly in the winter. I typically wear a size 7, but occasionally go for 7.5. While the 7 fits, I feel like my big toe needs a bit more room when I wear them with socks. However, I have worn them with socks while walking on a treadmill and shopping with no regrets later (no red marks or sore toes).

The eco-preferred collection is part of New Balance’s mission to turn their whole business green. They’re taking a look at their products, manufacturing practices and facilities. Hopefully, plenty more will come later in the eco-preferred line.

The New Balance 70 was just released last month, and retails for $80. As I write this, I’m unable to find New Balance 70 featured at, which is odd. Look for them at your local shoe store. And let me know if you try them on and like them!

(Images courtesy New Balance)

2 Responses to “Review: Just Released Eco-Preferred New Balance 70”

  1. Paul Shaver on August 11, 2009 3:18 pm

    Thanks for writing about the 070! You can actually purchase them (or get info about them) from New Balance at – the online store.

    We love them!

  2. Peggy on August 11, 2009 10:09 pm

    Hi Paul. I see now, and you’re offering free shipping. However, the shoes do seem a little buried on the site. I had to click over to the third page under Running in Men’s or type in “New Balance 70” in the search.

    Thanks for visiting!

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