Say Farewell to SunChips Compostable Bag

October 7th, 2010

It’s finally happened.

All the complaining about the loud SunChips compostable bag has led to its untimely death.

Frito Lay is discontinuing the bag, but they say they’re looking for the next generation of compostable bag — a much softer-sounding generation, I’m sure. Read more at the Grist SunChips post.

Do you think Frito Lay was right to discontinue this bag before finding another compostable replacement?

I never bought a bag of these chips, but it had nothing to do with the sound. I don’t like chips all that much. I had to see what the fuss was about though.

I paraded up to a bag of SunChips at the grocery store and gave it a few nudges.

Yep, that thing was loud.

However, could it be that the loudness was a positive thing? I’m talking portion control here. We really shouldn’t sit on the sofa with an open bag of chips. Pour some in a bowl and loud problem solved. Right?

Tell me please, are you sad to see the loud bag go?

(image from SunChips video)

3 Responses to “Say Farewell to SunChips Compostable Bag”

  1. Jennifer on October 7, 2010 2:37 pm

    Lord, that’s exactly what I said to Dave, “WHY are people eating out of the bag anyhow???” My take is that the bag was a greenwashing effort of sorts anyhow, so I’m not really caring that they’re leaving. I think it just shows how un-dedicated this company is (not a shock). It is somewhat alarming though that consumers are so upset, since, if you look around the web, most people do believe these bags are 100% compostable – if that’s true then people also must not care about the planet, if noise is a bigger issue. The whole situation is lame.

  2. Peggy on October 7, 2010 6:22 pm

    Yeah, I never understood if these bags were really compostable anyway. However, it’s sad to see them ditch their efforts like this.

    I’m glad to see you’re not spammed too. 🙂

  3. Jennifer on October 7, 2010 2:38 pm

    PS – so excited not to be spam!!!

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