Wrapping with catalogs

December 9th, 2007


I haven’t forgotten about my promise to reuse magazines, catalogs, calendars, maps, etc. for wrapping gifts. I will post a photo soon of my first experiment. Meanwhile, I thought I’d get you thinking about how many very colorful images you can find in many catalogs.

Pottery Barn catalogs contain many full-page images. However, if you aren’t already on their mailing list, I don’t recommend starting it. (Don’t give them or any retailer your phone number when you make purchases. This is how they find your address.)

I’ve been trying to get off of several catalog mailing lists lately, but have not had success with Pottery Barn yet. So, I took a few of their whoppering-long catalogs out of the recycle bin.

I’d like to add pine cones as tie-ons to the gifts instead of bows, but I’m not sure how to get rid of the bugs living inside them. (And I feel a bit guilty taking their homes…) Any ideas?

One Response to “Wrapping with catalogs”

  1. Carolyn on December 10, 2007 2:46 am

    Wrapping with magazines is a great idea. You could make it almost like a work of art.

    No idea about getting bugs out of pinecones though…

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