Saturday’s Stairs: Electronics Story, Eco Christmas Trees and More

November 13th, 2010

In The Story of Electronics — and the story of my 4.5-year-old laptop, blogger LA Green Girl is discussing a topic that’s been on my mind a lot — our obsession with updating to the latest electronics as soon as they’re out, old ones broken or not. It’s often difficult to hang on to old computers for longer than the expected lifespan since it becomes almost impossible to run updated software.

And you know what’s happening with cell phones — they’re just getting way too smart. Personally, I have a retro cell phone. It’s not smart at all. It’s around eight years old and still works fine, though I’ve never sent a text on it. My Apple computer is more than five years old. I know I’ll probably be forced to upgrade both soon, but why hurry? They just keep getting better. Sometimes, maybe it’s sweeter to wait …

Growing a Green Family has a selection of eco-friendly Christmas trees for you. Plus, Jennifer talks about the good and bad of all the traditional Christmas tree choices. I’m thinking about going with the cardboard Christmas tree (pictured) this year! It’s made in US with recycled cardboard and can be stored easily and used again next year. (You don’t put lights on cardboard trees though.)

Readers at How Can I Recycle This are struggling to find good reuses for pet food pouches. I tend to go in favor of the easier to recycle tins when buying wet food, but I know how some cats are. If your kitty is in love with wet food that only comes in a pouch, what are you doing with these pouches? Do you have any ideas for How Can I Recycle This?

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