Clumping Litter from Nature: Purr & Simple Kwik Klump Review

September 9th, 2011

Maybe cats can’t use recycled toilet paper, but they can use litter that’s annually renewable by nature.

Purr & Simple Kwik Klump formula is an odor-controlling clumping litter made from a blend of fibrous material from tree-nut crops. It’s 100 percent natural, so it’s also biodegradable and compostable.

In June I reviewed the Purr & Simple pellets, which were nice, but many of us with kitty companions dig on clumping litter. (Disclosure: I received a free sample of Purr & Simple litter for review.)

Purr & Simple’s clumping litter is safe for cats. It’s low dust! But how is it to use?

I found that Purr & Simple Kwik Klump is as easy to use as similar litter like World’s Best. The big benefit with Purr & Simple is that it’s better for odor control, but you may or may not like the dark color of this litter.

Dark Litter: A Pro or Con?

The color of Purr & Simple is very similar to the color of a cat’s brown business. That could mean that you enjoy the camouflage in uncovered boxes, or it could mean that you spend some extra time digging.

Dark litter on the floor is a reminder to sweep or vacuum, which could be a good thing, unless you don’t like to be reminded to clean!

Purr & Simple will track, but not much more than World’s Best or similar clumping litters. A litter mat is in order.

Overall, I believe that Purr & Simple is a good option for environmentally conscious cat lovers. It certainly is worth a trial. After all, it would be like switching your kitty to recycled toilet paper!

If you’ve used Purr & Simple clumping litter, please share your experiences here.

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