Proof Trees May Love You

January 17th, 2013

When a tree falls and you’re not around to hear it, you may still feel it!

Researchers with the Forest Service’s Pacific Northwest Research Station have found an association between tree health and human health.

Specifically, they found that in areas where more trees have died due to insect infestation, there were more deaths from cardiovascular disease and lower respiratory disease.

image via flickr jojo-bean

(image via flickr jojo-bean)

The researchers say there’s some mysterious thing at work here.

The additional deaths in the more treeless areas can’t be explained away by demographics. It’s something that affects the rich and poor alike. All races. All income levels.

Learn more about this research by reading the U.S. Forest Service press release: Tree and human health may be linked. Just so you know, the research is published in American Journal of Preventive Medicine.