Review: Bee M.D. Organic Throat Drops

December 21st, 2008

Bee M.D. is a honey-based, USDA certified organic throat drop.

throat-drop-organic.jpgI tried out both the Natural Honey and the Honey Lemon varieties. These were sent to me to review, but you may find your own at and for under $3 (currently). They’re also available at many local grocery and drug stores for around $3.29. Each package contains 21 drops.

Of the two varieties, I prefer the Honey Lemon. Why? It doesn’t have an overpowering lemon flavor, but the lemon does a good job of toning down the honey flavor if that’s not your favorite.

I like honey, but I don’t just extra love honey. If you really love honey, then Natural Honey is the flavor for you! If not, you might be happier with the Honey Lemon variety.

The ingredients in both varieties include: Menthol 2 mg (as on oral pain reliever), organic brown rice syrup, organic eucalyptus oil, organic evaporated cane juice, organic flavors and organic honey.

The menthol isn’t nearly as knock-you-down as, say, Halls, but it’s noticeable. And that’s probably a good thing if your throat hurts. I get an itchy throat sometimes, so I keep throat drops around. But, I didn’t have a nasty sore throat when I tried these. And I won’t wish one on myself, so I decided to go ahead with lemon-organic-drop.jpgthe non-sore throat review. : )

Breaking it down


•Organic product
•Soothing feel in mouth and throat
•Good taste (but again if you don’t love honey, go with the Honey Lemon)
•Eco-friendly packaging (also very pretty and user-friendly)
Nice website with recipes using honey
Bee friendly – Bee M.D. supports bee research and protection (they donate with each purchase)


•Not sugar free (although it does contain evaporated cane juice – a healthy alternative to refined sugar)

Well, since I could only think of one con that should tell you I like this product. If you’re looking for a natural throat drop, I predict chances are high you’ll like these.

If you’ve tried Bee M.D. organic throat drops, please share your thoughts.