Expressive and Green: Cloth Napkins

February 26th, 2010

Once you try cloth napkins for everyday use, you’ll grow attached quickly. As cloth napkin user, I can tell you firsthand that the advantages far outweigh the added laundry.


I love cloth napkins because they . . .

• feel better on your lips
• don’t crumble up into a wet mess
• eliminate an item from your shopping list: paper napkins
• save money
• are expressive to use with a wide variety of styles
• look pretty sitting in a basket
• are environmentally friendly

Cloth napkins are easy to care for if you choose wisely. Reserve fancy, expensive napkins for special occasions and guests. All you need for wiping salad dressing from your lips is a good cotton, hemp or linen napkin. And there’s no need to iron them. Just keep a steady supply in a handy wooden basket in your kitchen.

(Image via Etsy)