Rachael Ray Garbage Bowl, huh?

May 9th, 2008

I saw something extra silly at Bed, Bath & Beyond a few days ago.

A Rachael Ray garbage bowl.

Well, I just had to read the box. Apparently she’s been promoting the use of a garbage bowl to save time while cooking. You throw your scraps in the bowl instead of making more trips to the garbage can.

Maybe it isn’t such a horrible tip to give on a cooking show, but do you really have to manufacture a whole new product with packaging for this? Why can’t cooks just use an existing bowl in their kitchen? This thing is nothing more than a large plastic mixing bowl anyway.

Rachael Ray’s garbage bowl struck me as extremely wasteful and a good example of consumerism. I don’t have anything against perky chefs, but she’s cashing in on her popularity in a bad way.