Eternal Reefs – Green Burial with the Fishes

March 5th, 2009

I’ve actually thought a lot about how I dislike traditional burial as we’ve come to know it in the US and around the world. All that embalming fluid, steel and concrete.

There are other options, such as natural burial with a biodegradable coffin. Eco Coffins is one provider.

But, I only recently learned about Eternal Reefs. Now, there’s a fresh, fishy idea. Yes, I’m a fish freak, but not the biggest one you’ve ever met. I still like this idea though.

Eternal Reefs casts your cremated remains in a marine-friendly reef that’s lowered into the ocean. Past dedications have taken place in Florida, South Carolina, Texas and several more coastal areas.

My favorite part of these reefs is that sea life attaches to and grows on them. You can request more info from Eternal Reefs.

Have you considered green burial?

(Images courtesy Eternal Reefs)