Cafe Fair Chem-Free Decaf Coffee

December 4th, 2008

My local store was out of my usual decaf, so I found something new. Cafe Fair was about $1 more expensive than my usual, but I decided to try it anyway. It maddens me that it’s almost impossible to find whole bean decaf coffee at most stores. Who out there doesn’t have a grinder? Let me know because I want to start a fund for you. Let’s work together to eliminate this overabundance of ground coffee on the market, please.

Back to the coffee. I selected Certified Fair Trade, Shade-Grown Organic Chem-Free Decaf from Cafe Fair. I paid $9.99 for 12 ounces.

I choose organic whenever possible because it rewards organic farmers for taking better care of the earth. Organic farmers avoid the use of synthetic herbicides and pesticides in favor of more natural methods that promote healthy ecosystems for wildlife and for us. And Fair Trade lifts millions out of poverty by paying them fair prices for their goods. Yes, that means it might cost you a little more, but it’s worth it.

The beans appear dark and somewhat oily. I’ve seen more oily beans, so I was a little worried. The smell is fantastic. A very rich and fresh aroma.

Taste? My fears were in vain. As fears usually are! The taste was smooth and robust. Not espresso robust, but somewhere near French Roast. It tasted fresh and wonderful.

I’ll buy this coffee again. Have you tried it?

Read more about Chem-free at Cafe Fair.