Adventures in Reusable Bags, Things People Say to Me

March 2nd, 2013

For your reading pleasure, I present a collection of quotes and happenings from my adventures with reusable shopping bags in a city not particularly known for being green.

Of course, this isn’t meant to discourage anyone from taking their own bags to the store. The post is purely for entertainment purposes. Taking bags is worth it!


The funniest thing any cashier has said to me:

“You’re my first bag lady of the day!”


The biggest mess I made:

Machine washed a whole bulb of garlic inside one of my bags.


Most common misunderstanding with cashiers:

“Are you buying these?”


Most common question from cashiers:

“Do you want your meat in one of these too?” (well, yeah.)


Most annoying thing any cashier has said:

“It sure takes a lot more time to put stuff in these bags.” (no one was in line behind me.)


Question from puzzled cashier:

“So, you must really hate plastic, right?”


Most embarrassing thing a store manager said loudly:

“These bags look like lingerie!” (he was referring to my Chico bags.)


Please share some of your adventures with reusable bags.


(image via flickr Kanu Hawaii)