Reusable Bags Instead of Gift Bags

November 20th, 2008

Last month, I wrote about these bags over at Tree Hugging Family. They’re available through Whole Foods for only .99 cents and feature a special design by Sheryl Crow.

Well, like Sheryl Crow or not, that doesn’t change the fact that giving gifts inside reusable shopping bags is a smart choice. They cost about the same or less than a fancy paper bag, and they just might be a gift to the earth as well.

Of course you can’t force your gift recipient to use the bags for shopping, but they are sure to comment on the unique choice. That’s your chance to explain why you take your own bags to the store. I’ve found bags like this are also helpful in sorting recycling as well.

And the bag featured from Whole Foods is made of 80% post-consumer plastic bottles. So, not only it is saving plastic from being used, but it’s also keeping plastic bottles out of landfills!

Even if you don’t choose Whole Foods Market bags, I do hope you’ll consider wrapping your holiday gifts in recycled paper or reused fabric.

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Image via Whole Foods.

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