BPA Lurks Inside Canned Foods

November 3rd, 2009

While you may think of metal cans as eco-friendly since they can be recycled, you may not be doing your body any favors! While the FDA continues to suggest that BPA is safe, I say why have something in your food that doesn’t belong there?


If this coating is migrating into food, let’s get rid of it. Consumer Reports recently released their findings from BPA tests of 19 name-brand canned foods. Nearly all of them had detectable levels of BPA. They tested tuna, soup, juice and green beans. Read about all of their findings online at the Consumer Reports website.

The biggest BPA offender was canned Del Monte Fresh Cut Green Beans Blue Lake with a whopping 35.9 ppb to 191 ppb (parts per billion). Too much canned soup and green beans can really add up to trouble.

Do you cook from scratch or avoid food stored in metal cans (or plastic)? Will these test results affect your choice of foods?

(Image via stock.xchng)