Method Smarty Dish: Green & Clean (it works)

February 19th, 2010

Out of my normal Ecover dish tabs and unwilling to make the 20-minute drive to Whole Foods to get more, I crossed my fingers and tried Method Smarty Dish dishwasher detergent for $4.99 at Target. (It’s listed for $6.50 on the Method website.)

smarty-dishIt’s been nearly a year now since I made the switch, and I’m still happy with Method.

Unlike some supposed green dishwasher detergents that still contain bleach (hello, Palmolive eco), Smarty Dish is phosphate and bleach free.

It’s also non-toxic and biodegradable. I was a little nervous after having tried a few green dishwasher detergents in the past that weren’t so great (sorry, Seventh Generation).

But it seems I didn’t need to worry this time.

The dishes got clean — no film or food bits! The version I tried is Pink Grapefruit. I normally go for unscented cleaners, but the grapefruit smell is really only noticeable when you open the container. I didn’t smell it on my dishes or during the load. Method also lists their ingredients on the container. Any real green cleaner will do that.

I like that the tabs aren’t individually wrapped and also don’t stick together in lightweight pouch which Method says uses 87% less plastic than their previous canister packaging. The tablets are small enough to fit in the dish detergent container on my dishwasher, which probably means you won’t have an issue either!

The only negative I can think of is that only 20 dish tabs are included for $4.99 (Target price). That’s a tad bit pricey, but I can’t ever see myself going back to dishwasher detergents containing bleach or phosphates. Once you switch, you can smell the difference. With green dishwasher detergents, there’s no icky-bleachy smell wafting out of your dishwasher.

I recommend my old fave, Ecover, but Method works just as well and is much easier for me to find close to home.

Have you tried Method Smarty Dish?

(Image via Method)