Green Gift Idea: Prairie Bug Fire Starters

November 20th, 2008

I received a box of Prairie Bug fire starters to review today. I won’t be able to try them in my fireplace until mid December when I move into a place that actually has a fireplace! I didn’t want to wait that long to tell you about them though.

To use the fire starters, you place the soy wax end up securely into kindling. You light the cardboard end which is placed at an angle toward you. The fire starter will burn for about 20 minutes.

Whole Earth Partners, the company that makes Prairie Bug fire starters, hopes you’ll use that 20 minutes to tell stories around the fire.

Here’s what I like so far about Prairie Bug:

• Made of recycled cardboard
• Feature all natural soy wax that keeps air clean
• Free of residue and yucky stuff like arsenic and formaldehyde found in other firestarters
• Ultra cute packaging (30% recycled) that makes these ideal to include in gift baskets
• And, they are made by a small company in Iowa. (Sold through
• Safe to cook over and may be used for fireplaces, woodstoves, firepits, campfires and more

I’ll check back to let you know how I liked these in December. Please let me know if you decide to try them.