New Kitty in the House

January 4th, 2010

First, I want to share some photos of my new kitten, Oscar!

Then, I’m going to suggest some green kitty products. I wasn’t expecting to bring Oscar home, but I couldn’t let the sweet little thing continue to live outdoors. I could tell he wanted an inside home, and he was extremely taken with me too.

In case you’re wondering, why Oscar? I think he looks a bit like an ocelot with those lines on his face. However, he makes a much better pet.


My favorite green cat litter is Feline Pine. I’ve been using the recycled pine litter for six years now with Choco. The tracking isn’t so bad if you use a litter box designed for Feline Pine.

My favorite canned kitty food (wait, it’s Choco’s fave) is Tiki Cat by Petropics. It’s dolphin-safe, but you should remember to recycle all those cans.

For dry food, I like Pet Promise, but I just discovered that the food is being discontinued! I suppose the search is on for a replacement. Choco will be disappointed his fave natural food is no more.

For a scratcher, I’ve been happy with the SmartyKat recycled cardboard scratching pad. It lasts a long time and can be recycled when the fun is over. They’re at Target.

What are some of your favorite green kitty items?