Upcoming National Children’s Museum to Be LEED-certified

May 8th, 2009

Refreshing, beautiful, inspiring, educational and green! And coming soon. What more could you want?

The National Children’s Museum (NCM) recently unveiled their plans for the DC-based interactive museum  scheduled to open in 2013 at National Harbor. It will serve the 48 million children under age 13 living in the US.

The Pelli Clarke Pelli-designed building will be LEED-certified.

At 150,000 square feet, NCM will focus on the natural environment, including (from NCM news release):

Wind Turbine: The building’s wind turbine, a symbol of NCM’s commitment to sustainable and renewable energy, will be a source of power.

Sun Reflector: A series of reflective panels on the roof of the arrival space will reflect sunlight, minimize artificial lighting, and reduce energy loads during the day.

Living Wall: The Museum’s south facing façade features a cable and tray system to support a framework for a living, green wall. The Living Wall will shade the building from the bright, hot southern sun, helping to cool the building and reduce energy demands.

Green Roof: A green roof system will provide for sedums and small scale planting, absorb rainwater (reducing storm run off), improve thermal insulation, and reduce the “heat island” effect.

Recycled Materials: The new Museum will use recycled structural steel and some recycled brick from demolished buildings.

Until the NCM opens, visit the Launch Zone at National Harbor — 112 Waterfront Street to explore table-top interactive exhibits and computer kiosks giving kids a chance to browse exhibit components early.

What do you think of the NCM design and focus on green?